Pet Friendly Advisors | Pet Friendly Business Coaching
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Pet Friendly Business Coaching

Michelle Maskaly pet friendly business coach

As a dog-friendly business coach, Michelle Maskaly works with various businesses to help them become dog friendly and help attract new customers. These businesses include hotels, chambers of commerce, restaurants and more.


Whether it’s what supplies you need, how to train your staff or how to incorporate pet friendly events into your marketing plan, Michelle Maskaly, “The Dog-Friendly Business Coach™” can help.


Consulting services include, but are not limited to:


Event planning: Increase revenue and exposure with a pet-friendly event that brings pet owners together and advertises that you are a pet-friendly business.


Staff training and education: Make your staff dog savvy and get a four-paw rating from your four-legged guests.


Menu consulting: Help to decide what nutrias and safe foods can be offered to your four-legged guests. Recipe creation services available.


Public relations and advertising: How to get the word out the you are a pet-friendly venue.